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DTV Shredder 14hp

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DTV Shredder (Dual Tracked Vehicle) omdefinierar off-road körning

Den hel-mekaniska konstruktionen är kraftfull, aggressiv och tillåter snabb körining på alla underlag under alla årstider. Det banbrytande fordonet har fått uppmärksamhet från motorsportsutövare över hela världen och fungerar också som en robust, multi- arbetshäst för brottsbekämpning, militär, jakt, jordbruk och andra näringar.

"Our goal was simple, we wanted to create a new vehicle that was compact yet powerful, rideable year round in any weather and be truly all terrain. We envisioned the Shredder becoming a new sport that would allow anybody to enjoy the outdoors regardless of where they lives or the vehicle they drive. The idea was to merge the Action and Power sport experience into a fully immersive off-road ride like never before." Ben Gulak – Founder of BPG Werks

After years of development and working with some of the worlds top X-Game athletes, Shredding is poised to become the next Action sport. The Shredder can be ridden year round and handles sand, snow, mud, rocks and even mountains with ease.

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