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R&D Kawasaki SX-R 1500 Exhaust Power Collector

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The R&D Power Collector was developed to directly replace the low performance O.E.M. 12F Kawasaki 4 into 2 into 1 Exhaust header collector with a modern “Racing Design” 4 into 1 Merge Collector. The R&D 4-1 Collector has a much larger area change and volume in the collector over the stock restrictive design. 

The headers primary tube lengths are changed to allow the header to work harder to better scavenge (evacuate) the cylinders exhaust pressures and gases. The R&D Power Collector design allows Higher Compression Ratio’s and Camshaft Kits to work to their True and Full Potential by getting rid of restrictions (allowing the engine to breathe), and having a Power Tuned design that will work hard to scavenge the cylinder as well as have a stronger and better tuned exhaust pressure wave timing. The R&D Collector has been Dyno Tested and Proven to allow noticeably Higher Peak Horse Power numbers to be achieved and most importantly, significantly increasing and broadened the torque curve with greater RPM carry over, or over run. The R&D Collector will allow aggressive camshaft LSA packages to work like never before on the Kawasaki 1500 engine! If you plan on building an OPEN CLASS race engine with higher compression ratios, the R&D Power Collector is a must have part! The Power Collector is 100% water jacketed and handcrafted using only the best stainless materials! Dyno Testing was performed by Factory Kawasaki on their Super Flow Dyno. Install the Power Collector on a properly and professionally ported head, with R&D camshafts, and a ported exhaust casting, and get 190-200 H.P. (50 HP over stock)  NOTE: R&D Also offers the Power Collector with V-Band Collared connectors for Turbo Charged Applications!

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